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Workshop (see Word Document to the right for more details)

On March 27, the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild will be having a virtual workshop, Giant Nested Curves, with Daisy Aschehoug.  Daisy just taught this class at QuiltCon Together and many of us were unable to get into the class so we invited her to present it on the 27th of March.

There are still a few spots left in the class and we would like to invite any interested members from your Guild to join us.  I’m attaching a class description for your members.

They can contact me directly, if interested.

Many thanks for sharing this information with your members.

Audrey Vrooman

Looking For:

I am desperately searching for a discontinued fabric, designer Deborah Edwards, for Northcott, called Mikado. I am starting a new quilt and I am trying to gather all the fabric I need to complete it. Unfortunately, I have not got quite enough of 20167M-99, I have enclosed a photo. Is there any chance you may have a bit of this fabric? 

Contact: royalmes@hotmail.com

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