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Ann Marie Patrick:


"This quest for artistic knowledge and new construction techniques led me to search out and take courses with many talented fibre artists from around the world. I have gone from following other' visions and techniques to taking my particular visions and rendering them in my unique "experimental eclectic" style. I take inspiration from everything and everyone around me, from the grand masters to the lowly jack in the pulpit that grows in my garden. Everything I see is food for thought and artistic reflection and can somehow be depicted or expressed through fibre."  (Ann Marie Patrick- Interview:

Hudson River Valley Workshops at the Greenville Arms Inn--- Teachers:

Ruth McDowell

Judy Dales

Gloria Loughman

Sue Benner

Susan Carlson

Heather Dubreuil

Nicholas Wilton

Rosalie Dace

Rayna Gillman

Quilting by the Lake--- Teachers:

Katie Pasquini Masopust

Jane Dunnewold

Elizabeth Barton

Design your own fabric
Vintage Kimono fabric by the pound

Check Out Ann Marie's suggested teachers and resources:

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