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Quilt Show
Registration Form

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 #1  Star Block Challenge

There are only 2 rules:


1)The finished size can be no smaller than 54 X 72

2) When looking at the quilt you can easily see 1 or more stars.

Note:  Hanging Sleave Needed

#2 “What is in your Garden”


1)  Outside dimension can be no larger the 72 inches.

2) You can add embellishments, it can be bedazzled, coloured, anything that you want.

Your piece will be hung by pinning onto styrofoam. 

(top, batting and backing, quilted however you like)


Good news everyone!  I had communicated in the dispatch that you would need to provide a hanging rod for your quilts.  It was pointed out to me that we have a supply of rods stored in the portable at the centre! If you do not have a hanging rod for your quilt please indicate this on the registration form.  The hanging team will match up a rod from our inventory for you. About 8 weeks until showtime! 

Looking forward to receiving your registrations!

Gwen Tracey

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