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Pieces oMagic 2025

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Challenge #1

Create a "Medallion" Style Quilt

1.  A medallion quilt has a centred block or panel surrounded by multiple, plain pieced or appliqued borders

2.  No bigger than 90" wide or long and no smaller than 45" wide or long.

3.  Must have a minimum of 4 borders

Challenge #2

Japanese Magazine Challenge

1. Choose a Japanese Magazine from a selection from our library.

2.  Notify Carol Cleator which magazine you have chosen...she will let you know the mystery page that you must emulate in some fashion to satisfy the challenge. She will photograph the page so that it will appear at the next quilt show with your finished product.

3.  You are to make a wall hanging with the perimeter no larger then 72" but also no smaller then 48" in perimeter

NOTE:  It does not have to replicate it identically but definitely has to have some semblance of the selected picture.

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