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Quilt Show
Registration Form

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Members challenge 2021 quilt show

1. A cushion cover........without the cushion

2. Size ..Minimum 12” x 12” ...maximum. 20” x 20 “including any fringe or ruffle
 can be any variation of those numbers but minimum of 12” and maximum of 20” in any direction

3. Any fabric except animal fur, leather, cork, or other synthetic fur, or leather

4. Embellishments must be sharp points, no metal ,no fur

5. Closure can be an overlap, zipper, Velcro or buttons

6. Will be displayed on metal coat at the last show

7. At registration, to be registered as member’s challenge

Star Block Challenge

There are only 2 rules:


1)The finished size can be no smaller than 54 X 72

2) When looking at the quilt you can easily see 1 or more stars.

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