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Marsha Clarke Glossary Page

Updated: Oct 3, 2019


A)  Laurie Swim, Lunenberg Nova Scotia

Laurie has written three books, two published internationally, on quilt art. The Joy of Quilting with an Introduction by Alex Colville, 1984, made her an early leader in the art quilt field. Laurie's third book, Rags to Riches: The Quilt as Art with an introduction by Mary Pratt, was published in Canada in 2007.

check out a filmed interview with Laurie

Read an article/interview from CQA on Laurie Swim:

B) Jack Edson quilter: 

Video interview with Jack about his work:

Images from Art History inspiration

question and answer with Jack Edson: 

C: Janet Bolton: English Stitch Course:

Check out Janet Bolton's homepage

D) Renske Helmuth: Marsha took 1 year course on hand applique

article on Renske Helmuth from newspaper--- note tons of advertising on page: 

Fabric and Pattern Designers

E)  Amy Butler Fabrics

Amy has an online magazine that is easy to read:

F)  Kaffe Fassett Fabric

Kaffe Fassett: Colour and his home:

Kaffe Fassett on Quilting video:

G) French General Fabric

 The French General fabric collections are inspired by historical document fabrics but colored in a fresh new way.  Each collection features a shade of red, which has become synonymous with the French General brand.

The Warp and Weft:  blogspot for French General:

H) Jacquie Gering:  quilter and pattern designer: 

artist statement: I am drawn to modern art, mid century design, most things vintage and fabric. My goal is to rethink quilting by finding and articulating my own voice. Ultimately it is about me, alone in my studio, creating my own process and expressing my preferences in my work. Simple is my preference, but i tend to overcomplicate. Quilts are life represented. quilts are personal.

 Jacquie's website:

she has a good blog if you are interested:

episodes of Jacquie Gering teaching techniques:

I) Wendy Williams Pattern Designer-- Australian

Youtube interview with Wendy:

This is Wendy's website where you can buy kits etc...

J) Jen Kingwell : Fabric and pattern Designer--Australia

Jen Kingwell designs for Moda

K) Denyse Schmidt Quilts Pattern and Books: 

She has two published books: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration  and

Denyse Schmidt Quilts 

She has a web page too:

L) Rachel Rossi Design:

Here is Rachel's webpage:

Rachel has a blog as well:


M) Design Seeds :

Design Seeds is a colour blog by Jessica Colaluca. Her background is incorporate design for such companies as Ford, Reebok, and Timberland. She creates colour palettes inspired by images submitted via Instagram. The colour palettes look like paint chip swatches and can be used by quilters for colour ideas.

One part of the website that I found interesting is the Seeds Classics series which feature popular inspiration from 2009 – 2014.

N) Paducah

It turns out that Paducah is a Quilters' Paradise

AQS (American Quilters Society) QuiltWeek is held in Paducah, Kentucky

There are bus trips to Paducah and there are spring and fall quilt shows.

Spring Paducah will be April 22-25, 2020

The American Quilt Museum is here:

While checking out Paducah I came across the American Quilters'  Society which has it's own Quilt TV channel on Youtube:  

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