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Quilter's Confession

Our First Oxford Quilters' Guild Blog Post

This is our Guild meeting. You can't see me because I'm in the back obscured by a raised hand.

I have a confession to make.  I often have trouble sleeping after attending a meeting of the Oxford Quilters' Guild.  This was true of my first meeting with guest artist, Al Cote, more than 4 years ago, and every guest artist since. My mind swirls around images of the quilts displayed and the stories the quilters share.  Then I find myself still thinking about the artist lecture well into the night.  I am sure that every attending member of the guild experiences the guest lecture differently based upon his or her personal development as a quilter.  I imagine the more experienced quilters can identify with the stories shared and have similar experiences to connect with the guest artist.  I am a "newbee" quilter, and as such, so much of what the guest artist shares is a new frontier of information.  The reason my brain gets so engaged is because I need time to reflect on what I saw and heard.  

Julie Nutbrown: Author of the Quilt Muse

This time, September 5th, I took notes. My first goal was to share with members who missed meetings, what they may have missed.  It turned out, that I miss a lot even when I am there because so many of the references the lecturer makes, has no personal meaning to me.  The next day, I read over the notes and I looked up the names of teachers, fabric and pattern designers. As a former educator, I know that this is an opportunity to extend my learning, to make meaning from the guest lecturer. In my blog, I intend to share both the ideas from the lecture and the specific content referenced.  

What to Expect from Future Blogs

You can expect that each meeting blog will have 2 parts. First an account of the Guest Artists' presentation. Second, a Glossary of the key quilting teachers, influences, designers etc... that has inspired our guest artist. Links to more information of each item in the glossary will be provided.

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